Monday, April 14, 2008

Off for a bit...

So tomorrow I head off to New York for the lead up to the New York Comic Con. I'm a guest on stage at the Comic Book Club Live show on Tuesday, seeing a Mets game from the press box on Wednesday and partying from Thursday onwards. Did I say partying? I meant working. Very hard.

And in fact, I am. I'm signing at the Markosia Booth as well as Imperium Comics, I'm doing a panel or two and I'm writing every day I'm over there. Partly for my weekly column, He's Only A Writer, but also as part of (wifi and schedule permitting) a daily convention diary on what I'm up to, hopefully with photos.

To read this however, you'll need to go to my Livejournal page, as that's where the day to day blog part is. Enjoy.

Me? I'll be back in a week. Twitching and probably weeping in a corner...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you still working on that Tales of Midnight comic?

10:38 PM  

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