Monday, August 18, 2008

A week of Tony Lee...

Yes, kiddies, this approaching week is a smorgasborg of Tony Lee goodness, and I felt it only fair that you all know and of course spend your hard earned pennies on me, all me! Mu ha ha ha ha!!!!

Wednesday is the main day - in the US, the first part of my 6 part Doctor Who 45th Anniversary ten Doctors extravaganza 'Doctor Who: The Forgotten' hits the stores from IDW, with art of course by the incredible Pia 'Eisner Winner' Guerra - and let's be honest here, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to an Eisner, so let's pimp that for all it's worth - and it's her first ongoing gig since Y The Last Man so of course I'm totally twitching and nervously worried and all that. Reviewers and fans seem to like it though, so fingers crossed.

(I know this is one of those comics that 'isn't available in the UK' due to Panini / IDW licensing things, but I also know that many UK comic shops will have it on the Thursday, including Orbital in London...)

For those of you who of course need your fix of Tony goodness and live outside the US, in particular the UK? Fear not! For you too shall have a dose of Tony Lee goodness in the form of the extra-sized ten-page first issue of Stalag #666, my Sci Fi 'Great Escape' story with Jon Davis-Hunt, appearing in Wednesday's 2000ad prog 1600! That's right, my first ever 2000ad work, and it'll be there for you to read for the next fifteen weeks!

And that's not all - because on Friday there's a double helping of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood goodness - of course we have the weekly serialized, never-seen-before pages of The Gloom at, but our 16 part serial, The Prince Of Baghdad will start in Random House / David Fickline Books weekly children's comic The DFC...

So rejoice, my bretheren! No matter where you go this week, enjoy my creative brainspurts! For you! From me!


Blogger Michele said...

Hi Tony!

I got my copy of issue 1 of The Forgotten today (despite being in the UK!) - and I'm bouncing gleefully around the room after reading it! Martha being awesomely doctor-ish (despite not yet being a doctor); Ian and Babs, Susan and One; Ten - oh Ten! I want to hug him...

And the big bad villian! Eee!!!

(And I'm not even a big fan of comics, but I'll read any new DW stories!)

Congrats on a fun start to the series.

4:03 PM  

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